5 Warning Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating

With lots of news you hear about couples who got separated or divorced, some people say that nowadays, this thing called LOVE already has an expiration date.

Do you believe in this?This may sound ridiculous but somehow true. One of the big reasons why couples break up is because of cheating, or both of them cheated.

For you to discover if your guy is cheating, check these signs if you have noticed it.

1. His mobile phone has a password.

Normally, if you’re a couple, you don’t keep secrets to your partner. So, it is unusual if the guy sets a password on his phone for privacy.

2. He can’t look at you in the eye.

When you are confronting him or you’re trying to let him tell the truth, he can’t look directly in your eyes. It can also be a sign of lying.

3. He tries to change the topic and conversation.

Most guys who cheat usually change the topic and conversation so as not to catch them. Girls should be wary of that is always the case.

4. Always have an excuse.

If a guy always makes excuses like he is busy with work or something and he seldom spends much time with you anymore, then you should be asking yourself or wonder why it always happens.

5. Woman’s instinct says that he is cheating.

If you will notice that you guy is not acting the same as before, like he is not the same person that he used to be, a lot of things has changed, then you need to prove that your instinct is right.

As a woman, you also have to always look beautiful and appealing to your partner. You need to take care of yourself.

Don’t give everything that you have, you should leave a part of yourself, leave something for yourself to be able him to see your real worth. Make an effort but be sure that your guy is the one who makes more effort than you do.

To loving yourself,
Ella Gonzaga

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