Why Most Relationships Fail

Every couple dreams of having a long-term relationship. It’s everyone’s dream to get married, have kids and live with her other half, her life partner.But what happens nowadays, especially the millennials, they are facing the so-called “relationship crisis.”

Whenever I see new couples who have been together for just months or even up to 4 years, seldom I see that ended up in marriage. And why is that so?

There are many reasons why it fails, and maybe it’s time for you to ponder so that the next time you will commit yourself to someone, there will be no more excuses such word as “it just that it did not work.”

Here are the reasons why most relationships fail:

1. Temptation – More often than not, the millennials get easily tempted to flirt,  especially for those who are in long distance relationships.

Long distance relationships are more prone to temptations. However, if you know how to handle it, control yourself and put in your mind that you are already committed to someone then there’s no reason for you to be tempted with other guys

This is one of the reasons why most couples get separated because of “3rd party” thing. It means the other partner has other ‘intimate relationship” with other guys.

2. Rebound effect – it is common to some people that whenever the relationship ends, they jump into a new relationship even though the wound are not yet healed or the person has not yet moved on.

It may work for some but mostly, it has an undesirable effect on the relationship in the long run. Eventually, it would lead to separation or breakup.

3. Mismatched – Millennial couples today, most of them brag about their relationship or being so much proud that they tell the world about it if you know what I mean.

It’s posting every photo on social media.But when the time comes that the couple splits up, they delete their pictures and tell their friends that “the relationship didn’t just work.”

The reason is some couples think that they are compatible with one another, they belong together. But in the long run, when they get to know the person deeper, they realized that the person is not the one they are looking for to be with them for a long-lasting commitment.

4. One partner easily gets bored – also one of the major factors that a couple breaks up is because one partner easily gets bored. It’s like she thinks that she did not grow as a person when she’s tied up with that guy, then decides to call it ‘quits.’

In some instances, the person gets bored because she can’t stick to one partner. She just likes to explore, indulge or hook up with another guy for fun, which is not good, of course.

Therefore, it is better to choose the right one and know the person deeply.

5. Immaturity- also one the reason why relationships fail is because one partner is immature and doesn’t know how to handle the relationship, especially when trials come or when there is an argument between the couple.

Couples must know that in every relationship, there is give and take and vice versa. Moreover, one must allow herself to swallow her pride sometimes for the good of both partners.

Sometimes, some people wants to be in a relationship just for the sake of getting attached to someone or just for the thought of having a partner but is really not in love with the person.


Being in a relationship is a responsibility. You should be responsible for being a good partner. It’s a commitment to fulfill. It needs to be nurtured and should have a good foundation so that whenever trials come your way, you will be able to surpass it.

Am I missing something? Let me know your thoughts.

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To loving yourself,

Ella G.

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