What To Do If You Are Torn Between Two Lovers…

What will you do if you are in love to both persons? Is it really possible to be really in love with two people at the same time?

I know some of you have experienced that circumstance that you are like trapped between two people and you are confused of what are you going to choose.

For you to decide who will be the best man for you, you need to consider these things:

1. Choose who makes you really happy when you are with him.

Like you cannot notice the time has already passed when you are with that person. Sometimes you become engrossed talking with each other when you are enjoying his company.

2. You have a lot of thing in common.

You share the same qualities, interests, hobbies or anything that is common between you and that person.

3. You also accept the person’s differences or oddness.

Aside from sharing the same interest with a person, you also have to know or discover the other side of the person, whether it will be positive or negative and if you can still jibe together.

4. You are comfortable of showing the real you.

Aside from that you love him, it is also important that you are not hesitant to show your real side so that you will not have a hard time adjusting in the long run.

Would it be nice if you can be serious and silly to that person anytime?

5. You can imagine the future with that person.

If you can imagine or sometimes even dream of having that person in your life forever, then that is a very good sign to choose that person for a long-term or lifetime commitment.

Remember these keys when you are stuck in the middle.

To loving yourself,
Ella Gonzaga

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