Privacy Policy

As a founder of this website, I am happy to have you as my audience and website visitor.

This Privacy Policy will ensure the rights of each user of this website when we collect and use personal information. Our website will not share any personal information to any third party.

Please read this policy thoroughly for this will explain why we need your information and how we will safeguard it. By using our website, it means you agree to the policy we implemented. If in any case, you do not agree to the policies provided, please do not use this website.

Our pledge as we collect your personal identification information:

1. It is your right to know why we collect your personal identification information. As a respect to your privacy, we promise to protect it as our own.

2. We will always use your information fairly and worthy of trust.

3. All of the policies implemented shall be clear and easy to understand. We will provide all of the information you need regarding our collection of personal identification information from you.

4. We will take full responsibility and reasonable actions to safeguard the information given to us.

5. We only take your information if it has consent from you.

Why We Collect Personal Information

We may collect information such as the user’s personal name, email address, and other essential information when engaging in our site’s activities. It may include leaving comments to our blogs, ordering books from our site and to get access to our free electronic books. The website visitors can stay as anonymous and not required to leave their personal information on our website unless needed and when participating in our activities. No one is forced to leave their personal identification information to our site.

Here are some reasons why we ask for your personal information:

• We need some information - such as - your name, address, and phone number when placing an order of our books we are selling online.

• We are regularly posting our blogs to our site to share our thoughts and to enlighten people with our written works. We are delighted to hear your thoughts on our blogs. We are also happy to answer your questions by sending it to your emails.

• It is our pleasure to help, encourage and uplift you by sending to your email some articles we are writing.

.• At times, we are sending free e-books to your email if you desire to have it.

• We need your personal information when processing payments for placing an order of our books we are selling online. The information given is surely protected and secured that no other parties will have the said information

.• We may ask your email if you would like to receive updates from our site. It includes our blogs or new books we are selling. You can unsubscribe if you wouldn’t like to receive any updates.

• We are able to give you a better experience to our website when we know a bit more about you.

We Keep Your Personal Information Protected

In this website, we have security measures and data collections to protect your identity from unknown sources and unauthorized access to get your personal information, data, email, and password. The information given is 100% secured and will never be shared with anyone.

When you give your information, we care and respect your privacy. We do not sell or rent to other parties the personal identification information given to our website. All of the information you give will remain private between you and our website.

Although information is guaranteed to be secured and protected, please keep in mind that posting your comments to our blogs is vulnerable to the audience and to the website visitors.

Privacy Rights

You can contact our site by using our email if you wish to delete your information on our website or the information you gave us is out of date. If you subscribe to our site before but want to unsubscribe later, you can tell us about your will to do so and we will unsubscribe you to our website. As the personal information owner, you also have the right to contact us if you want to have a copy of the information we hold about you. If in any case, you do believe that your personal identification information is being misused, feel free to contact us and we will perform an action to investigate any misusage and to secure your personal information.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

By using this website, you agree and accept any changes to the policy of this site. From time to time, please visit this section to see any changes in this policy. As a user of this website, you are required to stay informed of changes that may affect you. Our electronically or otherwise properly stored copies of this Privacy Policy are each deemed to be the true, complete, valid, authentic, and enforceable copy of the version of this Privacy Policy which was in effect on each respective date you visited our website. Visiting this section will keep you updated for how we use the personal identification information we hold about you.

Please be guided that when leaving your information on our site, you must read first this Privacy Policy provided. Reading this section and giving your personal information means you agree to this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of this website.