How To Make Long Distance Relationships Last

I hear some people say that long distance relationships don’t work, and even people I know tells that they don’t like that kind of relationship.

The success of a long distance love affair depends on the couple. It’s a case to case basis.

This kind of relationship will probably work if:

1. You have constant communication.

Long distance couples should have an everyday communication to their partners to keep them updated with each other no matter how far the person may be.

Remember, when you love and care for the person, there is no excuse not to get in touch with him-her on what you are up to.

2. The long distance will just be for a short period of time.

This means that the distance between you and your partner should only be temporary and will not last for more than 2 years as much as possible.

If the circumstances persist and lead to more years, then you should be careful enough because it’s going to be a risky part of the relationship.

For instance, you are working in other country and your partner also works in another place, then both partners should find time to make a conversation.

They could plan their vacation or something that will unite them and have time together.

3. You already know the person personally.

One of the keys also to make long distance relationship or "LDR" works is if you already met your partner in person, had quality time together before you parted ways for some reasons.

Through that way, you are somehow confident enough that you really like or love the person because you were able to see him and know him personally.

4. You have plans for your future as a couple.

One of the reasons I see why long distance relationships fail is because couples don’t have a plan for each other, like what are you going to do after the temporary distance. Are you going to get married or will be planning for your wedding, or you are going t spend on a fantastic holiday trip?

Couples must set goals or plans that excite them to be together again so that they have something to look forward to.

5. You have a commitment.

One of the most important key ingredients of a successful long distance relationship is commitment.

If you are committed to your partner and your partner is also committed to you, there is no reason to cheat or entertain someone just because you are bored.

If you will just always put in your mind that you have a partner and you are already committed to that person, the distance will not be a hindrance to your relationship. You just have to be firm.

To loving yourself,
Ella Gonzaga

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