Which Do You Choose: Good Looks Over Personality Or Personality Against Good Looks?

Which is which?

I remember one time my friend asked me this question, if what I’m going to choose.

Nowadays, with the influence of famous people, television, and social media, if not most people, some people would prefer to have a partner who has good looks than good personality.

I have met some people whom we sometimes call ‘mismatched’ because they don’t have the same looks, but they stick and click together.

Some couples have the same level of looks but they don’t click together. Their relationship did not work.

Do looks really matter?

You have to remember that good looks are temporary. It will just fade. You have to dig deeper on the inside of a person, as the saying that goes, “Don’t judge the book by its cover.”

With the maturity of the new generation today, when finding the perfect person to love, good looks are not anymore the criteria. What is important now is a guy who has a good heart and a genuine intention.

You can be attracted to someone through his physical appearance but when you get to know him better, you will appreciate more of the total package the person can give to you and you can see it if you can get along with that person or not.

Always remember that first impression doesn’t last and you should not judge a person by his outer beauty. Don’t forget that good looks can be deceiving. So choose the one that is right for you.

To loving yourself,
Ella Gonzaga

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