Top 6 Signs A Guy Shows That He Truly Loves You

Being in love and being loved is one of the most precious things in this world, most especially if you feel that the person is already the one for you. It keeps us being inspired and keeps us going.

Most guys or almost all guys use figurative or flowery words just to impress a woman. They even utter promises such as these and that so you will give your trust to them.

But for the ladies, how are you going to know if the guy you are being with right now is really into you, is serious about you and really love you?

Here are the 6 signs that you can ponder on:

1. Sacrifice.

This is one of the basic criteria to see if your partner really loves you. If your partner shows that he is willing to sacrifice his own happiness just for you to be happy, then it would be a plus point for you.

2. Goes beyond the limitation.

This means going beyond the comfort zone or going beyond the traditional ways that he used to do.If a person truly loves you, he will show to you that he is willing to try and do his very best even if it would be the hardest thing or impossible thing to do.

It’s an overwhelming feeling to a woman when a man shows it to her

3. Doing anything to please you or to make you happy.

It may sound cliché to some people, but if a guy really shows it in action and not just in words, then you can tell to yourself that the guy is really in love with you.

A girl would be very lucky to have a partner with this kind of character.

4. Respects you.

One of the most important aspects that a woman should also consider is RESPECT. With respect, everything will follow.

So, if a guy respects you as a woman, might as well that he is also a good son to his parents. Because when you love a person, you should respect him as a human being.

5. ACCEPTS you as a whole person.

The second most important aspect that every woman should acknowledge is acceptance. We all know that nobody is perfect and we cannot please everybody.

A man who loves you truly or sincerely will accept you no matter what you are and who you are. He will love you unconditionally. He is willing to accept your flaws, your mistakes, and your weaknesses.

He should just love you for being yourself without pretending to be somebody else.A guy that appreciates you without even wearing a make-up is a plus sign that he truly accepts you for being you.

6. He only sees you as his future.

This is the greatest sign you can say that your partner really loves you genuinely. If your partner sees you as his wife in the future and he thinks about your future together, then you can see it as a good meaning that you will have a future together as a couple someday.


Nowadays, it is very difficult to foresee and distinguish if that person really is already the one for us.

Aside from these 6 qualities and signs that I have mentioned, sometimes we also need to trust our instincts and at the same time use our minds over hearts, not the other way around.

With the rampant news about couples getting divorced today, I believe we should be careful enough in choosing the right person for us, of whoever we give our hearts for.

In the end, what is important is our real happiness and the true meaning of love and commitment.

To loving yourself,
Ella Gonzaga

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