Do You Prefer The One You Love Or The One Who Loves You?

I think some of you are familiar with that song called “Mahal Ko or Mahal Ako.”

If you are to choose between the two, which would you prefer? The person who loves you or the one that you love?

When I first heard that song it was a little bit confusing of which of them I would choose, and it’s easy to say that you are going to choose the person that you love.

Most people would say that they would choose the one that they love no matter what.

But what I have pondered from my past relationship and the experiences of some people I’ve met and know, I have come to realize that it is better to choose the one that loves you.

The One Who Loves You

The reason is because a person who loves you will not do anything to hurt you nor disappoint you. They will do everything to make you happy, like everyone says, “I will bring the moon and the stars for you.”

But what if he loves me and I don’t really love him that much?

For women, love can be learned. Loving a person can be learned. And it’s easy for women to learn to love someone than men.

I remember I chatted a friend and asked how was she doing, and she told me her story.

She was depressed before with her partner because her partner kept on cheating on her. Their relationship lasted for about 10 years before she decided to call it quits.

Then he met a guy whom she was not interested in, but the guy really liked her and pursued her, until my friend gave him a chance.

Now, she is very happy and living comfortable with her life. She is very lucky to have her partner who not only loves her but also gives her all the things that she wants.

There’s no luckier than marrying a man who treats you like a princess, right?

To loving yourself,
Ella Gonzaga

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