Are you feeling down and depressed because of your breakup and you are having a hard time and difficulty coping?

I know what it feels like because I've been there. It is so crazy and emotionally torturing when you get to see your ex-partner every day. And how much more if you are living under the same roof! What could be worse than that?​

Hi, I'm Ella Gonzaga. I'm the founder and and creator of HugotPaMore.com and I am here to help young female adults who are suffering from breakups and want to move on from their past relationships. ​

My last relationship lasted for almost 4 years when he broke up with me. I felt so down and devastated at that time. I felt like I was not going to live anymore without him.

It was the time when I realized that I was so dependent on him that my life got paralyzed without him.

After several months of countless crying and emotional torture seeing him at work and at home, I decided to pick myself up.

And I believe you too, can do it.

You can read about my story in my blog and if you want to move on from your breakup and don’t know where to start, this website is what you are looking for.

You can download my free report for tips on moving on from the breakup.